Property Development

What Is Property Development and How Does It Work?

The products of property development surround you in most places you go. From homes, offices, hotels and more, all of these buildings exist thanks to this industry. Property developers build up so much of the world we live in, they are an essential component to how our environment changes and adapts overtime – whether this is in our homes, our places of work or where we spend our free time. Property development, also known as real estate development, is the process in which buildings and/or land is developed to raise its value.

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What will You Get ?

Essentially, property developers like Hargreaves Holdings add value to either the land or property they are developing on. In adding this value, the developer can then raise a profit from such developments.

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Renovating Property

It’s a business comprised of numerous different elements, including building a property from the ground up, renovating an existing property, and converting properties to serve a different function to that it originally held.

Service Benefits

What Are the Areas of Property Development?

Most developers will have an area of focus - e.g. residential, commercial - however, some overlap in areas of focus, and offer a more extensive range of property development services. For example, property developers in the residential area can sometimes incorporate commercial aspects into primarily residential developments – e.g. having a shop located in an otherwise residential building of flats. Partaking in such mixed-use developments can help to accommodate for the community in more than just one aspect.

What Are the Benefits of Property Development?

One of the main benefits within the property development industry, as previously mentioned, is the profits that can be obtained from developing on a land or existing property. Whilst this profit is a very direct incentive for those within the industry, it is not the only driving force behind property development. A certain social value can also be elicited from developments, providing housing, places of work, educational facilities and more to help in improving the surrounding community.

What can we do for you?

We can offer you extensive information and advice about property law internationally. Our European legal specialist will give you a free legal case assessment if you feel you have been miss old any form of international property ownership, points, timeshare floating weeks, fractional memberships We are proud at Hargreaves holdings that we would only take on a case, if we can deliver all the necessary guarantees to make you as a client total confidence that you are in the right hands.