1.4 billion dollar take over, what it means for a Diamond member? What happens next?

On August 2nd 2021, Hilton Grand vacations took over Diamond Resorts. Diamond was the World’s largest independent timeshare company which now makes HGV the second largest timeshare operator.  So what should diamond client expect?

An upgrade fees? HGVC clients will always be given priority and diamond clients will be given the second tier leaving diamond owners feeling overwhelmed with the new sales and upgrading programs.

What about Diamond owners who reject HGV membership?

 Unfortunately, there isn’t any other option. Those with the proper voting rights have done everything in a legitimate manner. Hilton Vacation Club is now owned by Diamond owners. Like it or not.

Is there a way out?   For some members, there may be.  If members meet specific requirements, people who purchased their memberships in Spain & Europe in general may be able to file compensation claims if they meet the criteria. Relinquishment is typically still an option for those who don’t match the compensation requirements. Although you wouldn’t receive any compensation, you would at least avoid paying the high annual and membership fees and charges.

If you feel burdened by this please contact us and we can help you with your with a free timeshare case.

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